Image of Lars Barkman


Name: Lars Barkman
Born: 1973
Lives: Vaxholm, Sweden
Family: Wife and two children
Personal Projects: https://larsbarkman.dev/
Employer: Alpha Phase Consulting AB


IT Architect with extensive practical experience, strong theoretical skills and a passion for driving digital transformations.

As a successful architect I’m willing to challenge the status quo and seek new windows of opportunities when required. In certain situations I challenge the current perceptions, rules, procedures and technologies in order to deliberately create uncertainty and re-set the norms. However, I’m also realistic and call for caution when the organization (or the systems) are under severe pressure. I explore the practical limits on the amount of change which can be achieved using logic, facts and data to find rational and solid solutions suitable for the organization.

Driving change is often about being action-oriented, persistent and willing to put in more effort when setbacks are encountered. As a successful architect I also move others into action in a way they can readily accept, by proactively suggesting concrete steps to be taken in order to achieve the expected technical and organizational results.