Defining Micro-PaaS

Containers as a Service is a model where IT organizations and developers can work together to build, ship and run their applications anywhere. CaaS enables an IT secured and managed application environment consisting of content and infrastructure, from which developers are able build and deploy applications in a self service manner.

Source: Containers As A Service (CaaS) As Your New Platform For Application Development And Operations

Justification Of The Choices Made

  • At this moment Micro-PaaS hits the sweet spot between infrastructure as a service and “old school PaaS”

The Other Alternatives That Were Not Chosen

  • Micro-PaaS is the logical conclusion after the decision of Containers rather than VMs
  • There is a possibility that an “out of the box” PaaS based around containers could merge CaaS & CaaS workflow into a PaaS. and thereby reduce complexity. Today day those options have to many drawbacks to out weight the reduced complexity compared to this solution

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